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People buy based on emotion, not facts. The best way to create emotion is by telling stories about your business or service. What story do you need to tell? READ MORE


I’ve written stories for myriad businesses, organizations and individuals. I’m grateful for their willingness to share their experience here. READ MORE


I thought the best way to give you a feel for my writing is to share examples from across the spectrum of business and personal projects. READ MORE

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The Imperfect Shell

One of my favorite writers is the late, 20th century philosopher and Episcopalian priest Alan Watts. I ran across this passage a few days ago while reading his book “Out of your Mind.” “Have you ever really looked at a seashell? There’s not an aesthetic fault in it anywhere-it’s absolutely perfect. Now, do you think […]



I’ve been thinking a lot about an old, Russian allegory. Perhaps you’ve heard it, or something similar. A poor farmer, his wife and teenage son lived on the frigid, barren steppe near Siberia. One day, their prize stallion broke free and disappeared into the forest. All the neighbors said: “What great misfortune.” To which the […]


Morning After

As I write this, the results of the election are still unknown. Which means most Americans are experiencing some level of anxiety. And if you’re the kind of person who loves to sit in front of Fox News or MSNBC or CNN, absorbing their collective stream of fear-mongering bullshit, it’s likely your anxiety is off […]