“Doug is an exceptional writer who does a tremendous amount of research and gives detailed thought to the target persona. He is joy to work with and consistently delivers. Doug was an integral part of our inbound content development team, creating consistently engaging blogs and white papers for our inbound marketing clients.”

Ken Marmer
Vice President, Strategic Relationships
Cleriti/Hubspot Certified Gold Partner
Inbound Marketing/Content Management

“Doug is a wonderful writer and thinker. He has the ability to listen and learn instinctively in order to create content and stories that appeal to consumers.  Doug can evoke action and emotion through his writing and he brings passion to the page.  Whether you need to start from scratch or you have a concept that needs additional support, Doug can bring your information to life by the words he crafts.”

Kim Wiest
Platinum Marketing Group
Branding/Advertising Agency

“I’ve had the chance to work with Doug on several projects over the years and can very comfortably recommend him without reservation. He does his homework and is ready to jump out of the blocks fast. Yes, Doug can write well, but that isn’t the only reason I would hire him again. What I appreciate with Doug are the things you can’t see in a portfolio or resume. First, Doug is smart and intuitive about marketing communications. His background with big and smaller agencies has provided him with strategic insights that inform his approach. He gets at the underlying need quicker than anyone I’ve seen. Second, he is super-collaborative and flexible. He takes each job to heart and wants to serve our clients well. I have never felt like I couldn’t bring Doug to the client meetings. His emotional intelligence brings real value. He can present his content and rationale in a low-key, sincere style. Doug has empathy, and that makes for very compelling, effective work. I don’t have to manage Doug. Give him a tight brief and you’ll get good work.”

Chris Ryan
Vice President, Account Management
Dean Houston
B2B Branding/Communication Agency

“As a longtime Board member, Doug has played an important role in marketing the Council using limited resources. He’s helped us rebrand the Council, which included writing content for our website and social media platforms. His outreach letters and emails have played an important role in our fund raising efforts. But ironically, the thing that’s had the most impact for the Council was something that required very few words; it was his powerful billboard idea that created market-wide buzz and increased qualified calls to our 24 hour Help Line.”

Nan Franks-Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Addiction Services Council
Non-Profit Agency/Addiction Counseling

“Doug Spak has always had a unique ability to capture the “heart” of a brand.  He understands that marketing and branding is a combination of art and science.  For the UMUC Story, Doug was able to quickly digest all of the research we had available to us to create the story.  But importantly, he was eager to experience our brand and students first-hand by spending Commencement weekend with our students and graduates.  The conversations and observations he took away from that experience gave him the inspiration and depth of understanding to write the UMUC Story in a way that beautifully captured the hearts and minds of our students.  Doug brings not only deep Marketing experience to his work, but a genuine desire to deliver work that is highly effective through its’ authenticity and relevance.  I recommend Doug highly.”

Mary Ann Donaghy
Vice President Marketing
University of Maryland University College
Higher Education

“From concept to content, Doug led the development of Unifund’s new analytics Brand: Recovery Decision Science. He approaches content development with an eye toward making our complex business model accessible to a wide range of B2B targets. Doug is the marketing and content point person for all of our business units and, most recently, worked with the senior team to re-launch the 30+ year-old Unifund brand.”

Jeffrey Shaffer
Vice President/Information Technology and Analytics
Unifund/Recovery Decision Science
Debt Collection/Analytics

“I’m grateful to Doug for contributing copy to a portion of my upcoming book. He understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish and delivered excellent work on a very tight timeline. I’d highly recommend him if you have ghostwriting needs in the future. And, based off the theme of my latest book Three Word Meetings,  “Very. Creative. Guy”!”

Lisa Thal
Owner of Lisa Thal Consulting
Author of Three Word Meetings and Why I Chose you.