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    Every Breath You Take: Mindfulness at Work

    Every Breath You Take: Mindfulness At Work. Business Essay Published, March 2013. Frequency News.com Before you read this, stop for a moment. Take a deep breath and hold it for ten seconds. Let it out slowly. Repeat this once or twice more. How does this make you feel? Relaxed? Calmer? Maybe more focused? This brief […]

  • Catch your dreams
    Maybe It’s Time to Rethink the American Dream

    Maybe It’s Time To Re-think The American Dream Cultural Essay Published October 2013. Positive 365 I’m not sure exactly sure how many blogs are published around the world. For simplicity, let’s say 100 million, give or take. By my un-scientific estimates, 99,999,000 of these blogs are about empowerment, living your dreams, being all that you […]

  • cans of food
    Trends in Food Package Design

    Trends In Food Package Design Corporate Blog Published October 2014. SugarCreek.com According to a recent POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute) survey, 76% of consumers make their brand decisions in the store; an increase of six percentage points from the last study in 1995. This increase is fascinating in light of the impact technology is having on […]

  • Concrete road with arrow symbol on mountain in monochrome style
    Doing the Right Thing, Leadership Defined

    Doing The Right Thing: Leadership Defined Corporate White Paper Published March 2014. RDI-Connect.com Download “Mangers do things right. Leaders do the right thing.” Peter Drucker We often confuse managers with leaders. Most, if not all of us, at some point have worked for a person who was considered by others as a “good manager.” It […]

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    Innovation Leadership

    Innovation Leadership Corporate Blog Published February 2014. RDI-Connect.com Innovation is one of the hottest topics in the business blogosphere. In today’s marketplace, the gestation period for new ideas is measured in months as opposed to years.  Of course, closely related to the topic of innovation is corporate leadership or, more specifically, the role leaders play […]

  • 3.2Clover
    The Name Stops Here!

    THE NAME STOPS HERE! Travel Essay Published October 2015. Positive 365 Like most Americans, I watched the media circus surrounding the “coming out” of Caitlyn Jenner with equal parts fascination and curiosity.  To be honest, I knew very little about transexualism. Indeed, the Jenner story gave me some appreciation of the challenges faced by those […]

  • Man with head in laptop.Gives new meaning to always having head in the computer.Focus is mostly on the computer
    My Mid Life Crisis Ride

    My Mid Life Crisis Ride Humor Posted June 2016. Facebook I had to buy a new car this week. I didn’t want to buy a new car. Yes, my paid off VW Passat was acting funky. Being a fiscally responsible (i.e. cheap bastard) person, I argued for repairing the paid off Passat and running it […]

  • golf ball in black and white with very shallow depth of field and soft focus
    Seven & Seven

    Seven & Seven Fiction Published June 2016. WordHaus Literary Site I’ve not traveled much, but I’d bet there’s no place on this rock as breathtaking as the view from twelve tee at Augusta, leading the Masters on Sunday afternoon. You feel heroic, goddamn mythical, as if the azaleas, in full bloom, are standing guard around that green in […]

  • An old broom by the side of an old house
    Chop Wood, Have Sex

    Chop Wood, Have Sex Humor Published March 2014. Positive 365 You may not know this, but American married couples are having sex less often than ever before.  In fact, some social scientist coined the term “sexless marriage” to define those unions in which the couples have sexual relations no more than 10 times per year.  […]

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