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    Every Breath You Take: Mindfulness at Work

    Every Breath You Take: Mindfulness At Work. Business Essay Published, March 2013. Frequency News.com Before you read this, stop for a moment. Take a deep breath and hold it for ten seconds. Let it out slowly. Repeat this once or twice more. How does this make you feel? Relaxed? Calmer? Maybe more focused? This brief […]

  • Catch your dreams
    Maybe It’s Time to Rethink the American Dream

    Maybe It’s Time To Re-think The American Dream Cultural Essay Published October 2013. Positive 365 I’m not sure exactly sure how many blogs are published around the world. For simplicity, let’s say 100 million, give or take. By my un-scientific estimates, 99,999,000 of these blogs are about empowerment, living your dreams, being all that you […]

  • 3.2Clover
    The Name Stops Here!

    THE NAME STOPS HERE! Travel Essay Published October 2015. Positive 365 Like most Americans, I watched the media circus surrounding the “coming out” of Caitlyn Jenner with equal parts fascination and curiosity.  To be honest, I knew very little about transexualism. Indeed, the Jenner story gave me some appreciation of the challenges faced by those […]